titre recharge votre carte

Refill your card

Your recharge is activated within 2 hours after the payment is processed. In order to activate the recharge, please use your card on one of the buses of ALSA CITY BUS . You cannot recharge your carda gain unless your first recharge has been activated. You cannot recharge your card twice within 24 hours. Your card can’t have more than two active recharges at the same time. If you add a third recharge, it will stay pending and won’t be activated until the first recharge is expired.To recharge your card, simply enter the large number of your card which contains 10 digits (the red zone)If you top up in the middle of the current month which has not been topped up and you want it to be activated for the following month, please validate your card on the ticketing machine until the start of the following month.

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